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Hey, this is probably no surprise, but I’m gonna b selling anything and everything I paint from now on, everything’s up for grabs. All proceeds go to the Broom Jockeys production fund. I do take personalized requests. Hit me up, spread the word, tell your friends.

The production fund is accepting donations (we’d be stupid not to) and pledges, although there’s no definite outcome from the pledges. The most popular one so far it seems is for every dollar donated, I’ll do a push-up, I guess that’s fun to watch or something. You’re more than welcome to b creative with that, I’m good for whatever to raise the money.

Update: the script’s been thoroughly outlined and rehashed since its inception back in June. Scripting’s at about 45%, would be further along but I had to backtrack on some revisions that have me a bit writers-blocked. But have no fear! I can always turn to another chapter and begin there if necessary! Ch. 3 is done aside from maybe minor tweaking, Ch. 2 is 60% done on the first draft, and Ch. 4 is 30 pages and needs those revisions, but it’s looking good!

finished this earlier

finished this earlier

spamming this til Christmas, made it yesterday.


Absolutely isnt spam, I promise. I IMPLORE you to please click the link and vote for me in this contest, I’m sitting in 6th place with half an hour left, PLEASE vote for me and reblog this thing, send it super-viral, anything. I’m so close to winning, I’ve gotta do everything I possibly can try to win. I would GREATLY appreciate a vote and possibly a reblog.

YOU SHOULD ALL VOTE FOR ME; I could win a chance to meet/work for Quentin Tarantino, I'd appreciate a vote and a view

Used here for submission into the contest to meet and work for Tarantino. I’m planning on expanding on the idea and writing a feature also entitled Broom Jockeys

Surround yourself with Why Not

Thinking back to my childhood, (my terms of childhood, after the Disney movie years when I’d first really become conscious of the world around me), when I first REALLY started to love movies, I had some definite favorites. Some were because they were things I shared with my dad; some were because my friends liked them; but mostly, I liked what I liked and grew up on some specific stuff.

This past year, as I’ve gotten more into the film-school mentality, I’ve seen people ridiculed for liking things that weren’t exactly groundbreaking or influential to the vast majority. I started doubting what I liked because my new peers didn’t respect any of them. Earlier tonight, I was at work and one of the chicks there didn’t know who Wes Anderson was, and when I told her that if she didn’t care about who the directors were and didn’t give a film (Moonrise Kingdom) a chance before labeling it as bad, she shouldn’t work at a movie theater, I felt the full brunt of my new status. I’d become my old roommate, the pretentious film-school kid.

Yes, I love the Coen Brothers and I’ve grown to appreciate a lot more “sophisticated” and “respected” filmmakers and their works, but I can’t ever drop who I am just to fit in with these kids I go to school with. I grew up loving Adam Sandler’s movies like Little Nicky, and that generation of SNL actors, Tommy Boy was my friggin favorite, and I loved Kevin Smith, I used to hunt his shit down! The first movie I ordered online was Mallrats (sprung for the 10th anniversary edition, an extra $7 which was hard to come by when I was 11), and I once drove half an hour to another city to check a small second-hand book/movie store to see if they had one of his movies I didn’t have yet.

Basically, I want to get back to my roots and never forget what made me love the adventure, the cinematic storytelling medium in the first place. I may not be the best comedy writer, but I will never retract my respect for these movies, these actors, these filmmakers again. I strive to make movies that will entertain people; my purpose in life is to entertain, has been since I was very young, and I intend to do so.

PS. These guys, they all had these friends, this awesome group of people around them who wanted to make the stuff they’d want to make. I thought I met a couple people who wanted to be my Happy Madison crew, my View Askew guys, and idk, maybe I have, but honestly, that’s what I’m looking forward to in the near future the absolute most. I can’t wait to have my friends who’ll want to make our movies just as much as I do. First step is meeting them. Know anybody cool and passionate? send em my way

Zombie Movie in the works

Hey so I don’t have a ton of followers, but it’d be amazing if you guys could spam this around. I’m making a low-budget Zombie movie homaging George A Romero, and I was hoping to get some help from the Tumblrverse. Donate? Definitely reblog or send this link around please. I’ll post the final cut in April!!!