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Here’s the first bit of teaser art for the movie I’m making! Broom Jockeys, a feature in 6 genres.

Here’s the first bit of teaser art for the movie I’m making! Broom Jockeys, a feature in 6 genres.


Hey, this is probably no surprise, but I’m gonna b selling anything and everything I paint from now on, everything’s up for grabs. All proceeds go to the Broom Jockeys production fund. I do take personalized requests. Hit me up, spread the word, tell your friends.

The production fund is accepting donations (we’d be stupid not to) and pledges, although there’s no definite outcome from the pledges. The most popular one so far it seems is for every dollar donated, I’ll do a push-up, I guess that’s fun to watch or something. You’re more than welcome to b creative with that, I’m good for whatever to raise the money.

Update: the script’s been thoroughly outlined and rehashed since its inception back in June. Scripting’s at about 45%, would be further along but I had to backtrack on some revisions that have me a bit writers-blocked. But have no fear! I can always turn to another chapter and begin there if necessary! Ch. 3 is done aside from maybe minor tweaking, Ch. 2 is 60% done on the first draft, and Ch. 4 is 30 pages and needs those revisions, but it’s looking good!


Absolutely isnt spam, I promise. I IMPLORE you to please click the link and vote for me in this contest, I’m sitting in 6th place with half an hour left, PLEASE vote for me and reblog this thing, send it super-viral, anything. I’m so close to winning, I’ve gotta do everything I possibly can try to win. I would GREATLY appreciate a vote and possibly a reblog.

My newest short, working on making it into one of 6 stories that’ll make up the feature in its entirety: Broom Jockeys